Making every step count


Lee-Anne Wann Steptember Coach

Hello! Lee-Anne Wann here your Steptember Coach, this is my 4th year talking part in Steptember, and I'm thrilled to be back in 2018 as your Steptember Coach.

As a performance nutritionist, I'm passionate about health and fitness. This simple fact is we Kiwi's aren't moving enough! Steptember is your chance to make some positive changes, not only for your health but for New Zealanders living with cerebral palsy. 

I always say "We are the sum of what we do every single day" and by adding more movement into your day you'll not only feel better, have more energy and be able to think clearer, you'll be getting fit for a good cause.

Remember every dollar you raise goes towards programs, services and ground-breaking research to support children and adults living with CP.

Small Things Make for Great Changes

Happy Stepping