Making every step count


What is Steptember

Steptember is a ready-made staff engagement activity which will improve the health and wellness of your employees, increase morale and have a positive impact on the lives of New Zealanders with cerebral palsy.

In teams of four, your employees track their daily step count by wearing a pedometer and record their results on the interactive Steptember website. The goal is to reach 10,000 steps per day. Each day participants enter their steps and watch as their team progresses through the month. 

Steptember is not just about walking your way to better health – participants can run, cycle, swim or even dance their way to this daily step target. There are over forty activities to choose from including activities suitable for people with a disability. Teams are encouraged to fundraise throughout the event using an online fundraising platform. This will make a huge difference to the lives of people with cerebral palsy. 

The Benefits

A healthy workforce has a positive impact on the overall performance of an organisation. Employers told us at the completion of last year’s global event that they saw increased teamwork and morale, strengthened interdepartmental communication and reduced sick days. 

Feedback from last year’s participants told us: 

  • 80% experienced increased physical activity
  • 33% lost weight 
  • 86% had increased energy levels 
  • 20% were able to handle stress better & had improved sleep patterns 
  • 80% chose to make a difference by fundraising 
  • Importantly, 97% of participants said they would participate again. 

The Investment

The Investment

Corporates rates are available, please contact us at to find out more.  An invoice option is available for organisations that pay for staff participation along with administration rights which provides corporate the ability to track progress of teams. Each participant receives a kit with a pedometer, welcome letter and a booklet of fundraising tips. 

Key Dates

The Challenge kicks off on Tuesday, September 4 and finishes on Monday, October 1st, 2018. 


Participants will receive regular motivational messages via email, complete with health and wellness tips to increase engagement. Integrated leaderboards allow staff to see how they are tracking against other teams within your organisation and promote friendly competition between departments or different sites.

The Steptember team can also work with you and your internal communications staff to design a communications plan to maximise the benefits for your employees. 

International Participation

International Participation

Steptember began in 2010 in Australia, as the Cerebral Palsy Challenge. After many successful years, the decision was made to take The Challenge International. In 2015, New Zealand joined the challenge. In 2018 Steptember will be run in Australia, the United States,  Turkey,  The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Singapore. You will be able to track your progress against teams in all of these countries. 

Next Steps

Next Steps:

1. Contact Steptember New Zealand to register your organisation; 
2. Promote Steptember through social media and other channels; 
3. Reach out to friends, family, co-workers, and others throughout your network to raise funds in support of The Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand 
4. Step it up to 10,000 (steps per day) for the month of September!