Making every step count


Health & Wellness Ambassador Lee-Anne Wann

Hello! Lee-Anne Wann here, Steptember New Zealand Ambassador. You may have seen my face popping up on your TV screen or read some articles I've written over the years for numerous New Zealand magazines and News outlets, and have probably guessed that I'm passionate about promoting an active lifestyle for all Kiwi's. That's why I encourage you to sign up for Steptember! 

Lee-Anne's Ideas to raise your step count this Steptember

  • Squeeze activity into the small spaces of your day - it doesn't need to be one hour a time. It can just be 10 minutes at a time it all adds up!
  • Take the dog out for a walk instead of watching that last episode on NetFlix
  • Don't just watch the kids on their bikes, get out there with them
  • Plan a family day to the beach
  • Get out of your seat and speak to your colleagues instead of sending another email
  • Having walking meetings in the office rather than sitting in a boardroom, you'll be surprised at how productive these meetings will be
  • When chatting on your mobile phone, take a walk around the block
  • Always park your car at the furthest end of the car park
  • Throw a footy of Frisbee around the park or backyard
  • House Walking, or even just walking on the spot


It might not feel like you're doing an enormous amount of exercise but every little step counts! All these small efforts add up, and you'll reach the equivalent of 10,000 steps in no time. It's not just about stepping there are 40 different activities you can convert into steps!

About Lee-Anne Wann

Lee-Anne is not only highly educated and informed on the latest research but she is the most relevant, trusted and respected fitness expert in the country. She consults to a number of New Zealand’s elite sports people, musicians and television celebrities. She is a regular fitness and health commentator on radio, television and in print and has written three no-nonsense books in the past 10 years. Lee-Anne is a popular speaker at corporate events, internal conferences and executive retreats. She was the health and well-being presenter on TV One’s new show “Kiwi Living” in 2015.
In 2013 she was appointed the Vodafone Warriors’ nutritionist and is a household name through her time as a personal trainer in the health transformation show, Downsize Me. She is a huge advocate for men’s health and was the driving force behind the significant change in four males lives as a result of a health campaign The New Zealand Herald ran in 2014. Lee-Anne is an upfront, straight talker with a fun-loving approach that is full of energy, inspiration and professional.

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